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tv   Today  NBC  September 14, 2016 2:08am-3:00am EDT

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she's not mine, but i love her probably -- she and julie andrews probably in this entire industry the most. >> we're talking about carol burnett, comedy legend. by the way, still has, like -- she was on earlier in the 8:00 and the place was howling when she was talking. it's so funny, and she's one of those people who crosses so many generations. doesn't she? >> yes. >> fearless. she's just fearless. >> i love that. >> and she happens to be the single -- she and julie, nicest women. >> s that she's sharing in a new book and will talk about that book and in the book talks how she fired harvey korman. >> one night she actually did, but then it ended beautifully. >> it did. >> as usual. >> if you happen to be in new york, by the way, she's going to be at the beacon theater this friday and saturday. >> yeah. >> seeing carol burnett at the beacon theater. wow! awesome. >> one of the worst times in my life and one of the best times when taking over for her one night a week.
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broadway, 1999 and 2000. i took over on tuesdays so she'd have an extra day of rest. can you imagine the people that came to the theater hoping to see carol burnett and they me. i mean, you know, it was not a popular position to be in. the experience of this was beyond belief. >> wow. >> all right. then the newlyweds, very different tastes, getting a design do-over for their first apartment together. before and after and tips for personalizing your space. >> and do you want to nail down a date and your mate says, be patient. do it later. >> don't you hate it when a guy says, calm down, honey. >> that's right. >> and frank used to do that to me. he used to turn the dial on my back. >> act like -- >> hey, why are you doing that? tried to do it very nicely, if we were with a group of people and i didn't take it nicely.
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don't turn me down when i'm talking. no. he never learned. he didn't. and thanks to "today's" chef poppy is here. >> poply is here. >> a drink called sazerac. >> you look like -- you've been into yours already? >> got to try it. morning cocktails. every new orleanian knows. >> not sweet enough for me but i still like it. rye, whiskey bitters, simple syrup, lemon peel and liqueur. >> ts found that out the other day. she doesn't care. >> i do. we're still on the heartburn thing from yesterday. >> you know what? i actually like that. because you're right, it's not too sweet. >> poppy, we're going to cook some gumbo with you in a little bit. all righty. >> what happened last night, watching "dancing with the stars," a live event, something happened. ryan lochte was dancing with his partner cheryl burke
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"call me irresponsible" by michael buble. during the judging, after finished dancing, protestors wearing anti-lochte t-shirts ran out onstage. take a look at what the viewers saw. >> do you have a long way to go j. swimming is -- excuse me. hey, back off! excuse me. excuse me. excuse me. whoa. >> all right. >> excuse me. >> tell you what -- all right. we're going to -- we'll take a break, get the rest of the judges' comments. take a deep breath. we'll be right back. >> tom bergeron is so good in situations like that. really, really good. >> what you didn't see, there were other cameras and cell phones video, guys stormed the stage and the security guys tackled them. there was some -- >> yeah. >> there were a couple -- about five, four, five female protestors in the audience chanting "liar" in the back. anyway, the lapd arrested two
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out. yes. >> wait, wait. ryan was asked about it after the incident. here's what he had to say. >> when there's that kind of strong emotion, what does that make you feel like? >> so many feelings are going through my head right now. a little hurt. but, you know, i came out here. i wanted to do something that i'm completely not comfortable with, and i did, and i came out here with a big smile and i have the best dance partner. [ cheers and applause ] >> we are nothing if not a country of second chances. >> i think it won him points with people who really did not like his behavior at all. to say i'm a little hurt. he's not going to have instant redemption. this is part of the redemptive plan which takes a while. he's trying. what did you think? >> i don't know, you know, it's funny because "dancing with the stars" is often where a lot of people go where they want a new start, a fresh start. that's what he's doing.
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he's trying something new. it was shocking and jarring, i thought, and a little bit scary, because you really don't know what's going to happen and what's going on. >> in today's world, i have no idea. what was he doing on the floor to begin with? usually they have pretty good security. >> they were able to -- how they were able to rush the stage like that. his mom in the audience crying and stuff. >> no matter your feelings, you ne that's rude and wrong. >> maureen mccormick, we love! >> marcia brady. >> she also danced last night. ? make fee feel so tired ? >> oh, she was good. ? the day i met you life was ? ? but you're the key to my peace of mind ? >> go, marcia! >> marcia, marcia, marcia. >> she looks beautiful! ? you make me feel ? >> oh, i hope people vote for her. ? you make me feel ? >> she's going to be a crowd favorite. >> look -- her mom -- her mom -- >> what's happening?
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seeing marcia. oh, oh. >> i bet the whole cast is going to show up through the weeks. you know? >> cindy, jan, greg. >> i can't wait until they all come. they're all going to be there. maybe "the partridge family" is going to come, too! >> all there. >> wouldn't that be awesome? >> and "leave it to beaver." >> all those shows should come together and cheer for marcia! >> why don't you go and cheer for marcia? >> i want to. >> she's adorable. something we love, but has been under the weather a little bit. >> yeah. she had food poisoning. amy schumer has been in paris vacationing with her boyfriend. they're having so much fun. oh, my. they ate something weird, and she posted this picture with her in the bed with us caption, thanks for everything, paris. except the food poisoning. and they ended up in the hospital. she did. to pass the time. it has to get out of your system, she filmed a parody video for a dating website because she actually met per
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so, take a look. >> hi. okay. this is my first time making one of these videos, but -- you know, it's a good time. so i -- my name is amy. i'm 35. i love just grabbing life by its horns and experiencing everything, and i love music, and food, and i really just want someone to share all of that with. so i'm taking a chance. so -- >> she'll probably get a few calls. you know? there are a lot of lonely people in the world but i love the way she -- >> so fun. >> obviously feeling better. have you ever had food poisoning? >> not that put me in the hospital but i've eaten some things that have laid me up for awhile. one of my first -- i'm sorry.
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movie that -- i was 17 -- about 20. i was playing a real girl named jena who died of leukemia. as i was playing her, i was in lincoln, nebraska, with my sister doing a concert and then had to fly back to l.a. to shoot this. and we both got food poisoning someplace. youtube, the most authentic looking death scene you've ever seen, because you think you're dying when you have food poisoning. yeah. >> oh, my gosh. >> no. it's horrible. >> you can't even -- you're in such spasm you can't even spit up. you can't. it's agony. >> i know. i have many stomach issues. we're describing them in detail. [ laughter ] >> it's not like that. it's very different than that. >> all righty. ? wait, wait. we got to -- >> hit a home run with this one. wait until you see what we are giving away. >> and let your best tarzan yell, get it out, we have such good company with tv legend carol burnett.
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lightens the impact of every step. what brings you to tara? >> you, you vixen, you. scarlett, i love you. that gown is gorgeous. >> thank you. just couldn't resist it. live, perfected the art of the ear pull and tarrian yell, and above all the one and only carol burnett has spent decades making us laugh. especially during her 11 seasons on "the carol burnett show." >> now carol is taking her fans down a walk through memory lane through a brand-new book called --
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11 years of laughter having fun in the sandbox." talking about summer. it is such an honor to have you back. >> thank you. >> i love your yearly visits. >> i know, i know. >> it's such a fun book. most tell-alls, right, hoda? we get a lot of people on. you know, they got the juicy stuff, and you have one tiny juicy story in there to talk about in a bit. but it was so kind and so loving. if anybody's looking for that kind of stuff -- >> forget it. sounds very pollyanna-ish, but it was a family, and it was fun. that's what we had. >> to go back, and i guess you revisited the episodes. did you sit and watch every one, episode after episode? >> i'm "norma desmond." in "sunset boulevard." looking, oh, my god. actually, i didn't sit through the whole hour. i fast forwarded through a lot of the sketches that i remembered, and then, of course, through the musical numbers because i didn't really describe those that much in the book but i wanted to jog my memory about some of the sketches that i'd forgotten.
2:21 am
then i looked at another -- ooh, that's terrible. >> it's a crap shoot. comedy is a crap shoot. you don't know. >> totally. >> that's why you had to rely on each other so much. it wases most perfectly cast show. >> absolutely. >> each person. and it's really fascinating the different ways each person came to it. >> yes. >> actually vicki lawrence. i love how she came, how she came to be. >> that was a fan letter from a 17-year-old girl who just graduated from high school in sitting there, and i'm reading her letter, very intelligently written and she closed a newspaper article about her, local, that she was going to be in a miss fireball contest in inglewood and there was a picture of her. we hadn't gone on the air yet, but we were talking about doing a segment where harvey and i would be a married couple raising my kid sister, and i saw this picture and she looked more like me at 17 than i did.
2:22 am
the date. >> for the contest. >> for the contest, and it was that very night. the letter had been sent three weeks before, but it was -- then i got it. well -- so, yes. my husband came downstairs. i said don't get too comfortable. we're going to go see the miss fireball contest tonight. >> life with carol! >> he said what? are you crazy? no, but then what i did was, i thought, well i should call vicki and make sure she'd be comfortable because her father's name was listed in the article. howard lawrence, and so i dialed -- way back then you could dial. you know? >> right. >> so i -- the phone rang. and a lady picked up. she said, hello? i said, hi. is vicki there? she said, this is her mother. who's calling? and i said, it's carol
2:23 am
[ laughter ] >> yes. >> and vicki got on the phone and -- all right. she said -- oh, she said, yeah, hi, marcia. she thought i was -- i said. nope, would you be comfortable if -- >> wow. >> she won the contest, and then we tested her the following summer. >> there it was. >> boom. there it was. >> what i love the most, obviously you take away the love you all shared and the support system was incredible, but, all the things that have become iconic about it, but you tell in the beginning how the show came to be. you were a big star at cbs, but even you had to fight for the right of a woman to host a comedy variety show. because they said, no, just the men. >> a man's game. yeah, because it was sid caesar and milton burrell and -- >> all of them. >> even dean was starting out. >> and couldn't say no to you, because you had a lot of pay for play these days. people don't understand what
2:24 am
you had a play for pay deal all the back then. >> in your contract. >> in the contract. >> can anyone -- 30 shows. >> put them on and didn't want it. i said, but this is what -- they wanted me to do "here's agnes" which was a sitcom. can you picture it? >> 11 years later, all the stuff you're going to read about in this book, carol, we love you so much. >> i love you, too. >> the word legend is thrown around too much. >> you're one. we're so glad you're our >> i'm so glad we had this time together. >> oh, pull your ear! >> there we go. >> all right. thank you, sweetie. >> thank you. do good things come to those who wait? >> yes. >> a hunky man panel weighs in on those long engagements and what they really mean, coming
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all right. so do you want to understand your man a little better? you've come to the right place, because it's time for. >> both: guys tell all. >> join our man panel for the first time, single dad larry burchett, and author of "the gentleman's diet." >> you know him. husband and father of three co-hosting "star talk." >> and we get just the news? >> yes, yes, that's why i'm double fisting right now. >> for you. >> and host of gsn. "idiot test." >> we love this guy. >> we didn't at first but we do now. >> and last but not least, the still engaged -- so sad -- bob benny. >> all right, guys. questions. >> let's start with across the street, everybody.
2:29 am
this is roseanne from phoenix, arizona, and my question is -- do men like super thin or curvy women? >> i like the way she said that. >> we certainly like when you go "curvy." >> i don't like a super skinny or -- well, i shouldn't say too curvy. i like something right in the middle. healthy, confident. >> in the goldilocks zone what i say. >> that's a child. don't get it -- >> let the first gentleman talk and then -- >> i feel like -- this is a -- jump on this one. >> personal preference. nobody's going to judge you except a few million people. >> depends on the woman. right? i think it depends on the woman. some people look good in who they are and i think that's great. i like healthy. i love that. >> confidence. if you feel good and see a girl who can look -- >> they can own it. >> work it.
2:30 am
>> there's a big spectrum of looks that can work, that can -- i think one of the great things the kardashians have done made curvier bodies more in. >> i think the greeks did it before the kardashians, but that's okay. >> next question -- >> exactly. >> next question. we have barbie who asks this -- i've been engaged for eight years. we were going to get married in may, but his job wasn't secure so we said we have to put it on hold. now his job is secure and no he says, good things happen to those who wait. >> i'm going to drink for you, girl. i'm going to drink this. this is for you! >> eight years and he says good things happen to those who wait. don't take your relationship status from a ketchup slogan. >> yeah! >> heinz ketchup changed the design of the bottle like come out easier. >> eventually delivered, too. >> true. >> what about the good doctor? >> good things happen to those who wait? i don't know that good women
2:31 am
excellent! i'm sure she's a good woman. >> uh-huh. >> oh, no. we got -- >> what he means is this -- you're a good woman. don't wait that long. >> thank you. >> that's what he meant to say. >> we are going to take a tiny break. >> no, hoda! >> and be back with more from these guys. >> no! i don't want to. >> we have to. >> no! >> there's more. you're supposed to say. >> there's more. going to give it away later like hoda always does. >> what? ? approaching medicare eligibility? you may think you can put off checking out your medicare options until you're sixty-five, but now is a good time to get the ball rolling. keep in mind, medicare only covers about eighty percent of part b medical costs. the rest is up to you. that's where aarp medicare supplement insurance plans
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plus, nine out of ten plan members surveyed say they would recommend their plan to a friend. remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long?. ? ? uh-huh. we are back on this booze day tuesday and our guys are helping us. >> champing at the bit and drinking a lit bit. >> today we have single dad doctor, a new addition larry burchett. larry's father, comedian ben and chuck and still engaged, single -- so sad -- bob guinea. the questions from across the street. >> not many years, i hope, bob. >> i hope not.
2:34 am
i'm tara from louisiana, and my question is -- how do men feel about paying or picking up the tab on all the dates? >> oh, all the dates? >> i'm going to jump -- and every man's going hate me, but i have a 16-year-old daughter, and she may begin to date and i have one rule. don't you go in your pocket for anything. >> amen. >> period. that's all there is to it. if i ever catch you going in your pocket and pulling out my money! >> that's what it's really about. >> i feel you can yell at your daughter privately. not in front of 1 million people. i disagree strongly. i don't mind paying, i love to pay but you got to reach for the -- make the effort. girls on a date, they don't reach for the check. i'm happy to pay, but can you pretend for a second you're going to pay? >> do you want a phony person? >> i like a phony person. >> a tremendous amount of dating
2:35 am
marrying, but i got to say, i actually insist. if i'm ever lucky enough to have a daughter, same way. i would want the guy to pay. chivalry, walking her to the door, opening the door. >> that's a fair expectation. >> it's nice when a lady offers to pay, but i think it's our job. maybe not all, but most -- most of the time but not all. >> what about -- your birthday? let her take you? >> hmm, going out for a long time -- >> yeah. >> i want something else for my birthday. i'm just saying. >> across the street for one more question. go across the street. >> hi, i'm lisa from newton, iowa. i was just wondering, do men have a preference on what women wear? if so, what's your favorite thing that a woman wears? >> careful. >> we talked about this earlier. >> we did, absolutely. >> a smile. no. [ laughter ] >> looking for a beer in your face right now. >> no, no, no. i like when a woman is
2:36 am
whatever your style is as long as you pull it together and it looks -- both of you right now, you're wearing two different things but you both look fantastic. as far i'm concerned i'm cool with either one of those outfits. you know what i mean? so -- is it getting hot too? >> oh, doing my job. >> i think that was slightly pandering. i think you could wear whatever you like but i personally like a very feminine look. i like a dress, heels. my own thing. we discussed this before. i don't love moccasin shoes, of a muffin. >> how about ugg boots? >> ugg boots are cute. >> they are kind of cute. >> ugg boots are cute. >> i think a woman who feels good in, i mean sweats and a t-shirt can be really sexy. >> yeah! >> wow. >> and -- i mean fitted sweats. >> come on, guys. >> polite, you're not going to jump in. >> i'm going to say a little of -- >> scrubs aren't bad. it's just about -- >> your preference?
2:37 am
yes to all of them. >> i feel like i've coached a lot of women on when they ask me, they change, less what they look like. more how do you feel? do you feel confident in that? >> you guys are evolved. >> i respond more to that than just -- >> please don't involve me in this evolved adjective you use. >> i didn't want to single you out. >> feel good in what you wear and also preferences. let's not kid around. >> does they dress for you? >> yeah. i'm dressing for her. i'm not putting on a jacket and nice button up shirt for myself. you ever see me at home? it's not a pretty sight. i'm dressing up for a date. i wouldn't mind a little reciprocation. especially if i'm paying! >> perfect. you guys, you made up for the last three. all right. if you have a question for our man table, head to hit the connect button, please.
2:38 am
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we don't have to tell you this but new orleans is a city that loves to eat and there's nothing quite like the food you'll find there. so our "today" team called in a food historian. >> didn't know there was one. >> her name is poppy tooker making a signature dish creole gumbo straight from the pages of her new cookbook. >> love the idea of this book. poppy, how cool.
2:42 am
160 years in the making. >> hello. we've been waiting. >> that was quite a job and i think it's the only cookbook you'll find with a photograph of a cross-dressing ghost. i don't know. >> only in new orleans. >> only in new orleans. >> but we don't judge. >> would you like to know what we're doing here. >> ingredients. >> all the ingredients. >> we are making gumbo. >> we making creole gumbo and so it has meat and seafood in t. okay. >> and we start off by taking just the trash from prepping the gumbo and making a little -- >> what do you mean, trash? >> all the garbage. the shrimp heads, the shrimp shell. >> because there's tons of favor in it, right? >> and it doesn't cost anything. yeah. >> so you just boil it -- >> everything that you throw in the garbage, you throw in the pot. cover it with water and it's ready in ten minutes. >> so what are you going to do with that stuff? >> that's going to be the juice. >> okay. >> of the gumbo. then we're going to make a roux.
2:43 am
about a month. >> that was last time. >> i love you, poppy. >> well, this is the secret, because people think that it takes 20 minutes, and i think we've got about 3. yeah. you see how fast that happens? >> you just put flour in oil? is that what you do? >> you get the oil really hot. that's the trick, and then don't stop. >> you don't leave it. you don't answer the telephone. you do absolutely nothing. >> don't wipe your nose. >> and then we of course have a roux with the right color. >> should i tth i did. i've been around the kitchen once before, kathie lee, and it's the color, too. you know? a beautiful milk chocolate brown, and now i'll show you a magic trick. >> what? >> because most people think you dump all the seasoning vegetables in. you put the onions in, all by themselves, and the onions will make the roux get darker. and it will go from milk chocolate to bittersweet chocolate brown. >> then you add the rest. >> add the rest of this.
2:44 am
>> about two or three minutes. the whole thing, making the roux, the whole thing you can do in 20 minutes. >> what are you putting in now? >> putting some sausage in. >> of course you are. >> and we're going to add a little seasoning. >> that's tony chachere? >> you got me. it is. >> i knew it! i love it. it has to be. >> okay, and so then -- well, you know, it's on everybody's table. >> as well as pepper. >> please! so then -- >> yeah. >> is that all the stuff you just boiled down? >> ect >> here we go. we're going to add the shrimp. we're going to add the crab. we have some crab claws. >> throw them in. >> we've got the -- >> oysters. >> oysters! we've got the green onions. >> we'll thicken it up with filet powder, that's sassafras and that's going to make your gumbo thick. >> never heard of that before. >> and then there you go, it's done.
2:45 am
>> it's the real thing. >> it's delicious! delicious. it's delicious. mm-mm. >> got to get in with the -- >> thank you, thank you. >> for this recipe go to one couple gets a home makeover wish come through. before and after, after this. hoda, will come up for air in about ten minutes. delicious, poppy. >> oh, my gosh. it's amazing out there means the wonder and the wow of weather. >> everything is amazing. >> it could be the smallest ice crystal, the biggest storm cloud. >> what does it's amazing mean to me? it means looking up and being inspired even if it's just straight up blue skies. i mean how beautiful is that, that little burst of red that happens when the sun comes right over the ocean when it comes up in the morning.
2:46 am
another. >> thunder, it's just -- it's just one of the most amazing thing. >> that's what it's amazing out there is and what it means to you mentally and the memories you take away from that weather and how that absolutely affects our lives, our day-to-day. what's in our stores, what are we going to wear, eat, what is everything going to cost? to me all those interactions. the weather has real influences on. that's why "it's amazing out there." >> what it mea lets the world know what's happening at the weather channel. >> i think what makes the weather channel's coverage unique is that we are meteorologists. we know what is going on with the weather and that makes a tremendous difference. >> somebody just walks up to you in the feel and says, thanks for being there. we're so glad that you were here to take us through it. >> we have a charge, we have a responsibility. we have a drive to provide
2:47 am
them, help their community, help their families stay safe. it matters so much. >> when you start linking the people side up to the weather and the science of the data it makes a real connection and starts to drive home the importance of what we do. >> i love weather. >> i do love weather. >> i love the weather. and, you know, i love working with people who love the weather this. is what we love to do. >> every single day is going to be something spectacular. it is truly amazing out there. per foot support can mean pain. the dr. scholl's kiosk maps your feet and recommends our custom fit orthotic to stabilize your foundation and relieve lower-back, knee or foot pain from being on your feet. find your nearest kiosk at also available from dr. scholl's: heavy duty support for lower back pain, lightens the impact
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>> announcer: "today's" design do-over is created with our sponsor -- homegoods. home is what you make it and homegoods is how you make home yours. >> turning a house into yours isn't easy. you need to make a personal. you need to keep all family members' taste in mind. >> tiffany and sedrick are married two years. after sharing a basement apartment they just moved into their very first apartment together and like a lot of couples, they have hugely
2:50 am
>> she's an aspiring makeup artist who loves colors, and he loves sports and a big, brown sofa he refuses to get rid of. >> so lifestyle expert and ho homegoods spokes p peperson elizabeth mayou made their design of a makeover come true. >> i love this. >> tell me a little about your life. i want this to be a reflection of who you are. >> i like to go down south like on the beach, like in miami. >> and thinking you guys go on cruises? >> you like cruises. >> it gives us the opportunity to see a lot of scenery with colors we love, those blues and greens. >> talk about the couch. how are we feeling about that? >> i love it. >> it has to go. >> why does it need to go? >> it's the bachelor couch. it was with him which met him and it still exists. >> how do you like to spend your time? do you have friends come over? >> we do have a lot of friends come over, lunches or dinners. >> i'm here to help you and i'm really excited to show you
2:51 am
>> these are great. >> too big. >> very much the colors that she likes. >> let's go. we don't have much time. ? >> okay. i think my work is done here. all right, guys. come on in. >> oh, my gosh! ? >> ah! oh, my god >> no, i don't live here. >> but you do live here. >> oh, my god! i love it. oh! >> this is nice. >> it's all your colors, right? >> yes. this is amazing. >> i know you like the water and one of the imagery, it's very sea-like. the sofa speaks for itself. the pillows. how close is this to what you wanted? i mixed it up just so it looks a
2:52 am
the dining table. so there's a lamp here, because i just think it makes for a nice ambient place for you guys to eat. we got you all new china as well. you're not upset about the sofa being gone? >> not at all. >> if you notice, i hung the curtains much higher to bring your eye up and makes the ceiling look taller and more elegant and then i put a second set of curtains so that you can close off your dining area. also, i tried to do lots of baskets and little occasional tables s very useful. especially for small spaces when you need things to double and have multiple functions. >> phenomenal. you are awesome. thank you so much. >> i couldn't have done it for two nicer people and you really deserved it. >> love it. great job. >> sweet! >> thank you. >> tell us more about the makeover and she has some design tips for you at home as well. >> stuff we can take away from that project. >> first of all, everything, i
2:53 am
so it really is a great place. >> everybody adores homegoods. >> you know what? sofa to like picture frames. >> one-stop shopping. >> number one in your home act like a curator. you're not going to walk out with every piece of jewelry. don't put every single thing out in your home. same with drafting. pictures are the number one mistake people make. >> i agree. >> way too many. >> what happens when you do that, you can't focus on one thing. so i like to limit them. i say three to five. also pick frames that unite the l palate. put like objects together by grouping them. it makes them more interesting so here are three vases all in a similar color palette. >> they don't fight each other and are interesting together. next, use trays. a great way to chorale disparate objects. put it on your coffee table, entry table. it's beautiful.
2:54 am
objects, mirrors and things of that. >> the shapes are really nice together. next when you're doing things, always use odd numbers. odd numbers are much more interesting. it actually throws your eye off a little bit. so if you do centerpiece down the table, do an odd number of repetition. >> you do want sometimes two lamps on either side, just for lighting? >> yes, you can have symmetry, it's always nice, look at also everything here i have it in threes, or fives. >> uh-huh. >> shapes and to -- you know, like you want -- look to different shapes and sizes. if you have a rectangular room and a rectangular mirror, and everything is rectangular, make sure you have some round objects to balance it off. the other thing, back over on the tray, just to go back there one second, always have one little element of red or orange, no matter what your color scheme is. it just adds a little pop and
2:55 am
that's your real name. >> mayou. >> something big that will make your day. you know what, we are giving it away. >> find out in you're a winner. first, this is "today" on nbc. >> you go, girl. ? ? one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. question, are my teeth yellow? have you tried the tissue test? ugh yellow. what do you use? crest whitestrps. crest 3d whitestrips whiten 25 times better than a leading whitening toothpaste i passed the tissue test. oh yeah.
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it's time to make five lucky viewers happy, because it is time to give it away! >> this week's prize is -- >> all: a gift card from homegoods worth $500. >> look at all this. each store receives numerous merchandise several times a week. always homegoods to showcase your personality and add flare
2:59 am
>> throwing me off. >> let's find out winners. shall we? why don't you dig deep in there. don't take one off the top like you do sometimes. >> um -- thoroughly, thoroughly -- elaine mote from cape coral, florida. >> i love cape coral. >> she's a doll. hold on. you know who i have? jenny brand from mechanicsville, virginia. all to you, jenny. >> and cynthia paragin from st. cloud, florida. >> let me get down in here. first name? >> ioni mccartney, from maryville, tennessee. >> the last one is mary beth spaber from grand forks, north dakota. >> we want to say congratulations to all the winners. here's what we do, you guys, shred all these entries. you have to enter every single week. go to
3:00 am
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